• Silk Skin Spa Kit
  • Silk Skin Spa Kit
  • Silk Skin Spa Kit
  • Silk Skin Spa Kit

a. Precious Silk Skin Clay (100 % All Natural)

St. Grape’s amazing Precious Silk Skin Clay has been especially formulated using only natural ingredients to gently cleanse and nourish your skin. We have taken three of the most proclaimed external use clays and combined that vitality to provide the luxury and nourishment of a full body, spa grade, and therapeutic clay.

Using the method of clay rehydration keeps the ion pump properties of the clays very active. There is always a push/pull. The vital minerals in the clay and water are absorbed by the skin as the “garbage” is pulled out.

b. Lotus-Rose Essential Toner (100% All Natural + Enriched extra 100% pure Lotus and Rose essential Oils )

St. Grape’s Lotus-Rose Essential Toner was designed to soothe irritated skin, leaving it refreshed and rejuvenated. It is excellent for skin care - smoothing, firming, balancing and making the skin radiant. The Lotus essential oil is especially perfect for its ability to calm and soothe the spirit. Since ancient times, the lotus and rose have been highly prized for its source of aroma, medicinal use and nutritional properties.

How does Lotus-Rose Essential Toner work with Precious Silk Skin Clay?

A mastering “1-Month Silk Skin” clay mask facial, which combined with this Lotus-Rose Essential Toner & Precious Silk Skin Clay will allow this signature toner be “pushed” into the skin. Ultimately and truly making the skin visibly radiant and looks health and great.

c. Anti-Wrinkle Essential Serum (100% All Natural + Enriched 100% Pure Essential Oils )

Naturally reduces or removes wrinkles and laugh lines

This is a legendary source for youthful longevity, with the power of an anti-wrinkle serum and the softness of a moisturizer. This exclusive blend of 100% natural plant extract combined with high quality pure essential oils, lights your path to the fountain of youthfulness.

A natural anti-wrinkle serum for the skin

While moisturizing and softening the skin this popular product from St.Grape helps to prevent wrinkles and laugh lines. It is ideal for use as a nighttime treatment for wrinkles, the prevention and management of wrinkles, and to heal damaged skin after sun exposure.

This is also called "1-Drop serum"

Only 1-drop for each application. After that, let the nature power show its best result for you.